The World Hearing Day 2020 with the theme “Don’t let hearing loss limit you” was successfully celebrated on March 3. The formal programme was organized at DOHS by Curative Service Division of DOHS. The Government has celebrated World Hearing Day for the first time in Nepal with the slogan “Life for Hearing”.


1. Walkathon from Ministry of Health and Population, Ramshahpath to DOHS, Teku with active participation of different stakeholders 

a. Participants from Curative Service Division, SHAN, SOL Nepal, CHEERS, IMPACT Nepal and other stakeholders.

b. Participants from CHEERS:

i. Dr. Sanjib Kumar Upadhyaya 

ii. Mr. Rajan Raut 

iii. Dr. Arun Adhikari 

iv. Dr. Luna Mathema 

v. Dr. Sumit Das 

vi. Mr. Ram KC 

vii. Ms. Preeti Chaudhary 

viii. Mr. Janak Raj Bhattarai 

2. Formal programme at DOHS 

a. Welcomed the participants by Curative Service Division. 

b. Formal inauguration by Mr. Mahesh Shrestha, Director General of Department of Health Services 

c. Presentation by Dr. Yogesh Neupane, General Secretary of Society of Otolaryngologists (SOL Nepal) Dr. Yogesh Neupane presented about the current scenario of the ear health and the hearing loss. He also addressed the challenges regarding the modern equipment and health professionals working on ear health. He also prioritized on awareness campaign on hearing to prevent hearing loss.

 d. Presentation by Dr. Prakash Budhathoki, Chief of Eye, ENT and Oral Health Section, DOHS Dr. Prakash Budhathoki emphasized on creating trend about hearing screening of all children during school admission. Also, he said that there is provision of Ear health on Basic health service packages of MOHP. He informed that the government is preparing TWG to develop Ten years ENT Strategy. 

e. Notes from Mr. Mahendra Shrestha, Director General of Department of Health Services The Director General of DOHS, Mahendra Shrestha said about the importance of creating awareness on Ear Health from government level. 

f. Notes from Mr. Bhim Prasad Dhakal, Deputy Inspector General of Traffic Police He informed about the contributions of Traffic department on controlling noise pollution like Horn restriction, Vehicle inspection etc. and also assured on providing continuous support to control noise pollution. 

g. Notes from Dr. Kedar Marhatta, Representative from WHO He informed about the “hearWHO” application for smartphones for self-hearing test. He also warned that the excessive use of headphones or EarPods affects the hearing and may cause hearing loss. 

 h. Closing Notes by Taranath Pokharel, Chief of Curative Service Division He told that the government and non-governmental organization should give priority on ear health to prevent hearing loss. And he thanked all of the participants and organizations for celebrating world Hearing Day 2020. 

Notable Guests: 

1. Mahendra Shrestha, Director General of Department of Health Services 

2. Bhim Prasad Dhakal, Deputy Inspector General of Traffic police of Kathmandu Valley 

Participants from CHEERS: 

1. Dr. Sanjib Kumar Upadhyay 

2. Dr. Luna Mathema 

3. Mr. Bijay Khatri 

4. Mr. Rajan Shrestha 

5. Dr. Arun Adhikari 

6. Dr. Sumit Das 

7. Ms. Preeti Chaudhary 

8. Mr. Ram KC 

9. Mr. Janak Raj Bhattarai 

10. Mr. Manish Kayastha 

Orientation on Infant Hearing Screening Programme 

The orientation on Infant Hearing Screening Programme was conducted at CHEERS meeting hall on March 3, 2020. The orientation was organized to inform the participants (Vaccinators) about the Infant hearing screening programme which is going to be carried out at immunization centers of different health institutions. 

Dr. Arun Adhikari, Mr. Rajan Shrestha and Ms. Preeti Chaudhary presented on the importance of Infant Hearing Screening to prevent hearing loss. All of the participants visited the hospital departments along with rehabilitation under the guidance of Mr. Rajan Shrestha and Ms. Shreya Gautam. 


1. Dr. Sanjib Kumar Upadhyay 

2. Krishna Bahadur Mijar, Chief, District Health Office, Bhaktapur 

3. Prabha Regmi,Vaccinator, Changunarayan PHCC  

4. Shyam Sundar Shrestha, Vaccinator, Kageshwori Health post

5. Laxmi Khanal, Vaccinator, Tathali Health post 

6. Sima Chaudhary, Vaccinator, Bajrabarahi Chapagaun Hospital

7. Mina Maharjan, Vaccinator, Changunarayan PHCC

8. Tara Shrestha, Vaccinator, Bajrabarahi Chapagaun Hospital

9. Alisha Khoju, Vaccinator, Siddhi Memorial Hospital

10. Shova Shrestha, Vaccinator, Siddhi Memorial Hospital

11. Tulashi Sipai, Vaccinator, Bode Maternal child health clinic