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This center, which serves as a replica of CHEERS, is situated in Eastern Nepal, approximately 7-8 kilometers away from the Indian border. It operates independently, utilizing its own infrastructure to provide essential services. The center employs an ophthalmic assistant and a Community Ear Health Worker (CEHW), both selected and trained from the local community. These dedicated staff members conduct daily screenings at the center and its surrounding areas through the Day Screening and Treatment Services (DSTS). Preliminary treatment is administered to patients, and those requiring further consultation are connected to experts at the Hub center, CHEERS, through Telehealth services.

In addition to its skilled workforce, the center is equipped with AI disease prediction models, enabling early diagnosis and facilitating high-quality treatment. To ensure comprehensive care, clinical experts from CHEERS visit the center on a monthly basis to further manage the identified cases. The center also possesses its own pharmacy, optical dispensing services, hearing evaluation capabilities, and a well-equipped operation theater. These facilities contribute to the center’s ability to provide holistic and effective healthcare services to the local community.

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