“Empowering Change : Provincial Advocacy Meeting “

Over a period of a decade, B.P. Eye Foundation has made significant progress in preventing blindness and addressing hearing impairment in the Bara and Parsa districts of Madhes province. Notably, the foundation has improved the lives of children with hearing and vision impairments significantly, which is a remarkable step in the direction of inclusivity. For the past decade, the foundation has centered its efforts on providing inclusive education to children with sight and hearing impairments. The program focuses on fostering a sense of community, aiding in the development of daily living, sensory, and motor skills among these children. Teachers in Bara and Parsa districts have undergone specific training to effectively interact with and instruct students with diverse requirements. This initiative aims to eliminate obstacles experienced by children with visual and hearing impairments in the learning process. B.P. Eye Foundation places a higher priority on overall development than traditional education. Specialized programs guarantee that children get an education that is suitable for their needs and is well-rounded. This covers extracurricular activities, career training, and academic subjects as well. Encouraging young children to actively participate in and contribute to society is the program’s main goal. In partnership with the neighborhood, B.P. Eye Foundation provides an accepting environment that not only helps the children move into regular schooling but also gives them the tools they must succeed The positive impact of B.P. Eye Foundation is evident in the transformed lives of children with hearing and vision impairments in the Bara and Parsa region. The base breaks down barriers and encourages participation in the classroom, acting as a ray of hope. These children show the foundation’s ongoing impact as they graduate with knowledge and skills that prepare them for active participation in society.