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The B.P. Eye Foundation has established centers in provinces and areas with extremely low health service indexes. One of these centers is the Community Eye ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CEERS) located in Aadarsakotwal of Bara. In this region, there are very few healthcare providers specializing in eye, ear, nose, throat (ENT), dental, and rehabilitation services. Recognizing this significant gap, CHEERS was established in 2020 through a collaborative effort with local municipalities. Its primary aim is to address blindness, and deafness, and provide a dedicated space for the habilitation of children with sensory disabilities.


To ensure the sustainability of the program, the health workers for the center are carefully selected from the local community and receive training from the B.P. Eye Foundation. Additionally, BPEF has equipped this center with digital equipment, Artificial Intelligence models, and Telehealth Services, enabling synchronous or asynchronous communication with the Hub Center (BPEF). This technological infrastructure allows for remote consultations, diagnosis, and treatment.


Periodically, cases requiring further management are attended to by the BPEF visiting team, which incorporates all aspects of integrated health services. This ensures that comprehensive care is provided to patients in need.


No child at risk of hearing or vision loss from avoidable cause will become disabled or remain disable if available knowledge and technology can reverse the disability. Even if the disability is unavoidable, those children with vision and hearing impairment, will enjoy their right to education, become productive citizen and improve their own and their families quality of life.


  • To halve childhood blindness 51% by 2015 and 90% by the year.
  • Conserving vision and hearing among children of Nepal.
  • Providing comprehensive quality neuro-sensory and rehab service to all the children through proactive and innovative approaches.
  • Reach out to all children in need through a dedicated center of excellence and its community extension services.


  • To be a leading center for the child age group and service sector.


  • To provide state of art eye and ear health care rehab service to children.
  • Serve as an advocate of children health and development through formulation of policy instrument and promotion of awareness advocacy and service point.
  • Setup a network of low cost effective organization based at school and the community to reach out to the needy children.
  • Prepare the incurably blind/deaf children before fully integrating them in schools and at work place with their non disable peers.
  • Train child-friendly competent health worker of different categories for the country and neighbor regions.
  • Train human resources for providing education and rehab services to the blind and hearing impaired children.

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