The Organization has opportunistic screening of all patients above 40 years of age visiting its inhouse by measuring their height, weight, abdominal girth, Intra ocular pressure, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and blood sugar by drawing venous blood sample. This is done to generate awareness as well as for reventing disease and avoiding unnecessary blindness and other diseases. Counselling, nutritional advises and referring to its life style clinic is an integral part of this wellness center.
School screening on Eye, ENT and Oral Health by senior students to their younger peers by forming School Health club is another innovation of BPEF which is slowly getting momentum both nationally and internationally.

Integrated Center for Disability and Development (ICDD)- This innovativation of BPEF in identifying blind, low vision or hearing impaired children, treating them medically or surgically, training them at its enabling center and enrolling into mainstream education for inclusive education is a unique initiative in the country.
Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence – BPEF has many of its outreach centers linked through Telehealth to the hub center (CHEERS). Predicting models in Diabetic retinopathy and Glaucoma designed and developed by BPEF and used peripherally by minimally trained health professionals who in turn use Telehealth for synchronous communication has been instrumental in early identification and treatment of diseases. Building on this success story, it is all poised to develop six more prediction models in the year ahead.
Immunization center based Hearing screening – In context where Universal hearing screening doesnot take place and deliveries are still conducted at home, BPEF has taken advantage of high infants turnover rate for immunization by doing community based infant hearing screening. Those identified with hearing loss are fitted with hearing aid and subjected to speech therapy and thus placed into mainstream education. The Organization conducts annual Health innovation workshop by bringing experts from various corners to generate newer and better ideas for better tomorrow.