According to WHO “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Believing in promoting holistic health, B.P. Eye Foundation’s Hospital for Children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (BPEF–CHEERS) is introducing yoga and meditation classes at its Life Style Clinic which started in June 2019. A one day program “Yoga Lifestyle” was organized by BPEF-CHEERS on 18th September 2019. It was inaugurated by L.P. Bhanu Sharma, Life Coach and President of Jeevan Vigyan Centre  in Kathmandu. The program’s focus was to discuss the correlation between Science and Spirituality for maintaining overall health by striking a balance between physical, mental and spiritual well- being and health, through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Executive Director of BPEF-CHEERS, Dr. Sanjib K. Upadhyay welcomed the guests and talked about the services of the Hospital in brief. He said, “although I am not a person with “spiritual knowledge”, I hope to learn”.

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Mr. Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, Chief Election Commissioner of Nepal, pointed out that if people looked at themselves internally in a positive and healthy manner their life experiences would be good. Although he has not been directly involved with Jeevan Vigyan, he has been connected with them in an inconspicuous manner for the past six years. “Everyone is looking for peace and happiness and this can be achieved by following the practical path of yoga and meditation. Material things have failed to give people real happiness. Controlling the mind and making it stable is equally important for overall health”.

Former Attorney General and present Justice of Supreme Court of Nepal, Mr. Hari Phuyal mentioned that maybe striking a balance through yoga and meditation would help in his spiritual growth. “Maybe I will learn to look at things in a new and different way and even look at everyone in an equitable manner. I hope to become less greedy, more stable, balanced and neutral when making my judgments”.

L.P. Bhanu Sharma praised the excellent vision of Founder Chairman of BPEF-CHEERS Dr. Madan P. Upadhyay in starting the Hospital from the roots. He made an analogy between children with disabilities needing rehabilitation when certain parts of their body was not working, and the human mind also needing rehabilitation in the form of spiritual practices like yoga, and meditation and positive thoughts to function properly. “Science and spirituality are two wheels of the same cart. Even research from Harvard Medical School has proved that some physical illnesses can be reduced by the spiritual practice of yoga. It is only fear and laziness that prevents us from taking risks and using our maximum potential both physically and mentally. Equality and equanimity are important. But before we practice equality, equanimity should be present. Only when we are calm and composed, can we think rationally and do a whole lot of other things”. 

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Comedian Jitu Nepal entertained the audience and revealed that even in this day and age some people value inner beauty more than outward beauty citing the example of Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, a Nepali writer who was born with Cerebral Palsy and writes with her left foot. When people saw that he had met her through his photos on social media, he received many messages requesting him to put them in touch with the writer. He was pleasantly surprised that people were more impressed with the writer than with some celebrities from the Nepali film Industry with whom he also had several photos.

Dr. Gauri Shanker Lal Das, Chairman of BPEF-CHEERS talked about bringing balance and social well-being of people in the society through the practice of yoga. He also said that 21st June being celebrated and recognized as International Day of Yoga all over the world since 2014, by the United Nations, will help to create consciousness among people worldwide about holistic approach to health.

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Yoga and meditation classes have started at the Lifestyle Clinic from 19th September 2019. Volunteers from Jeevan Vigyan will conduct separate classes for adults and children initially.

Photo Credit: Jeevan Vigyan Centre and Rajan Shrestha