Picnic is an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside. People take pleasure by playing games, dancing and singing for enjoyment throughout it. To share the concept of picnic program, the team members of enabling center organized the program on Mangsir 28th 2075 where 18 Trainees, 5 parents of children with visual impairment and 11 CHEERS staff participated in the event. The picnic spot was at pilot Baba Ashram, Bhatte Dadha, Bhaktapur.

From a day before, staff started buying groceries and prepared dishes for picnic which helped somehow for the picnic day. On the festivity day, enabling center staffs came quite earlier than before, and cooked most of the meals for picnic like pickle, curry and Meat whereas Pulau rice, Prawn, Papad and sausages were cooked in the spot.All the people left the spot on 9.15 AM as the vehicle was booked for arrival and departure from the picnic. It took about 45 minutes to arrive at the Picnic spot. Then, the trainers described the picnic spot premises and also arranged the resting place for the children and served breakfast for them. In the breakfast, there was an egg, Milk, Papad, Prown and Dalmot Chiura. After that all the staffs and parents also have it.

Next, we all the participants danced and sang in several songs. Specially children were agitated and energized throughout it. Afterward, we had sausage and fanta as snacks. Each time while serving meal, we explained the concept like how it is cooked? How it looks like and How to have it? Again, Fun activities were kicked off with singing and dancing where we all had fun with vitality and vigor.

Finally, the attendees had a Lunch in which Pulau rice, Mutton, Curry and Pickle was served followed by Fruits and curd as a salad. After that, staff packed up all their stuffs and eventually departed back to the hospital.

Consequently, the picnic turned out to be an edifying, constructive and Joyful to the children along with their parents.