Tele-health : Tele-otology, Tele-audiology


Tele-health : BPEYE foundation has now started e-appointment system. Now, users can book our service from e-sewa. e-appointment system CHEERS has signed an agreement with e-sewa and has brought into the service e-appointment system. With the introduction of e-appointment, patients may not wait for long to obtain service. They can select time, date, and desired consultant to their liking and avail of the needed service. In the prevailing context of Covid-19, if someone does not want to visit the hospital, one can even get health service delivered through online means from the selected Doctors.

Tele-Otology & Tele-Audiology:  COVID- 19 has isolated many of us. Sense of insecurity looms large in visiting hospitals. Lack of transportation adds woes to the wound. Because of this, there is an ever-increasing burden of prevailing communicable and non-communicable diseases in communities. CHEERS recently started Tele audiology and otology services through its two community outreach services at Bode and Siddhi memorial hospital respectively. CHEERS also intend to expand Tele-health services including Tele-eye health services in other outreach centers as well in the near future.