Clinical/Community Elective Programs For Foreign Students

About B.P. Eye Foundation

B. P. Eye Foundation (BPEF), established in 1991 is a Nepalese national non-government, not for profit autonomous organization formally registered with appropriate authorities of Government of Nepal. It works among others, in areas of Health, Education and Empowerment of People at risk or actually suffering from disability to lift people out of poverty.

History of BPEF

In its early years the Foundation focused its resources on expansion and improvement in quality of eye care services through training of ophthalmologists and optometrists in Nepal who then were available in only a couple of dozens. For this purpose, the Foundation established a Centre of Excellence for Human Resource Development, B. P. Koirala Lions Centre For Ophthalmic Studies at Institute of Medicine, Tribhuwan University with grants from Lions Sight First. The graduates are trained on an innovative curriculum aimed at turning out competed, comprehensive and compassionate ophthalmologist. While in late eighties and 1990's the Foundation Partner was the only training centre in the country, today there are more than half dozen centers-true to its mission: Innovate, Advocate and Scale.

BPEF at current

Having successfully accomplished its mission making Nepal self reliant in the field of training of human resources for eye health and expansion of eye care services the Foundation has now turned its attention to child development with health and education of children with sensory impairment as an entry point. For this purpose, is has successfully established a Hospital For Children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS) at Bhaktapur.

BPEF's programmes

BPEF's strong community based programmes reaches out to the people living at the bottom of the pyramid-the hardest to reach group-to bring them to mainstream development in partnership with concerned stakeholders.


CHEERS is also providing educational opportunities (Rotating Internship) to Audiology, Optometry and Health care Management undergraduates and Post-graduate students. It has also started clinical/community elective program for foreign medical students.

Forwarding of Application

For applying for elective study at B. P. Eye Foundation, Hospital for Children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services in various departments, the application form should be properly filled and then submitted to the Academic and Research Head, BPEF, CHEERS at least one month prior to the start of the term.

Application documents

  • Each application should be sent as an original document and should include:
  • Two passport size photos 
  • Letter of motivation (should include reasons for department preferred) 
  • Curriculum Vitae and; 
  • Recommendation letter- It is mandatory for the applicant to attach original copy of a testimony of a bonafide student signed either by the respective Dean/Vice-Dean/ Assistant Dean or by authority of equivalent status of a medical school looking after the academic programme.
  • Registration Fee for undergraduate electives programme:
  • Students studying in SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries other than Nepalese students will need to make payment of US$ 100.00 (One Hundred Dollar) or equivalent in Nepalese currency for a period of four weeks.
  • Students outside of SAARC Countries will need to make payment of US$ 250.00(US$ Two Hundred Fifty dollar) or equivalent in Nepalese currency for a period of four weeks. 
However, student who wants to get attachment for more than four weeks will have to make additional payment of USD 25.00 for students coming from SAARC countries and US $50.00 for other students outside of SAARC countries on a fortnightly basis. All payments must be made in cash to the Elective programme co ordinator before the date of starting the elective posting. Or it has to be transferred in Bank A/C before commencing elective study.
  • General Requirements for Postgraduate Programme:
Postgraduate elective programme, candidates should submit the attested copy of permanent licensing certificate issued by the medical council in the respective countries. The candidates are supposed to apply for temporary registration in Nepal Medical Council (NMC) wherever required at least three months before starting the elective posting in the respective department which will be facilitated through BPEF, CHEERS. 
It is mandatory that the candidate should specify the objectives of their elective posting. BPEF,CHEERS will forward them to the respective department and candidate will be informed about the acceptance or the necessary amendments if required.
No elective students will be accepted for the period less than 2 weeks.
  • Registration Fee for Postgraduate electives programme:
  • Students from SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries will need to make payment of US$ 250.00 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) or equivalent in Nepalese currency for a period of 2-4 weeks. Registration fee can be transferred in the Bank Account as mentioned below.
  • Students outside of SAARC countries will need to make payment of US$ 500.00 (US$ Five Hundred) or equivalent in Nepalese currency for a period of two to four weeks.  
The candidate who wants to get attachment for more than four weeks will have to make additional payment of US$ 50.00 for candidate from SAARC countries and US$ 100.00 for candidate from non-SAARC countries on a weekly basis.

Bank A/C details

Bank :  Laxmi Bank Pvt. Ltd 
A/C No :  06211000110


Elective programmes are available at BPEF, CHEERS in the following departments:

  • Ophthalmology 
  • ENT 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Rehabilitation Services 
  • Optometry 
  • Audiology & Speech Pathology Special Education Community Outreach Programmes
The choice of elective programme should be made only from the list of departments mentioned above. BPEF, CHEERS will not be responsible for arranging electives at any other hospitals in Nepal.

Requisite for Elective Programme

Medical students wishing to undertake elective attachment in clinical discipline areas should complete a minimum of one year of clinical rotation in their own country.

Duration of Elective Study

Students are encouraged to do the elective only in one department where the minimum duration of attachment should not be less than four weeks. However, those willing to do electives in more than one department are advised to do the elective for at least four weeks at each department. Those willing to do for more than four weeks in one department are informed that reallotments for electives are made only in succession of a fortnightly basis. In exceptional cases with valid reasons two weeks elective programme can be accepted, however the student will have to pay the regular registration fee. Specification of the date and duration for doing the elective should be clearly mentioned in the application form.

Course description

While undergoing elective terms at the major departments of the BPEF, CHEERS, the medical students will have opportunities to get familiar with commonly prevalent medical and surgical problems of Nepal. They will get first-hand experience of many tropical diseases and common health problems of a developing country. During the four- weeks elective period students will attend daily OPD, ward rounds (as applicable) conducted by faculties of the respective clinical departments. The students could interview and examine the patients and observe various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under the direct supervision of the faculties. Students could discuss the clinical findings, investigation plans and therapeutic management of the patients. The case presentation and topic discussion sessions provide rich learning environment. Such sessions are particularly useful to develop critical reasoning skills and the skills of problem solving based on case histories and the real patients. The community-based programmes (Outreach clinic, Day Screening and Treatment Service (DSTS) and mobile camps is under the department of outreach clinic section. Such programmes would provide first-hand experiences in the practice of rural medicine as well as the insights in regards to the socio-cultural, economic and environmental determinates of health & disease. The BPEF, CHEERS has holistic approach with rehabilitation services for visual and hearing impaired children for preparing them for Pre-ECDC and is pioneer in this field in Nepal.

Working hours

Students are expected to work at least 8 hours per day, six days a week. Saturday is a holiday.

Lodging & fooding facilities are not included in registration fee. Students will have to make their own arrangements. If requested BPEF can arrange room to stay within its hospital premises. However, the student has to pay rent of the room USD$ 50 (Fifty Dollar) .It is safer to prepare food by the students themselves or alternately canteen or rehabilitation services children mess are available. The average expenditure per-day may range from US $ 30-50.

In case of cancellation early information is preferred.

A certificate will be awarded after the completion of elective programmes. A register book will be kept at BPEF,CHEERS to record daily attendance. On the evidence, a certificate shall be issued signed by the chairman, Executive Director and the Elective Programme Coordinator.

Students having health-related problems while in Kathmandu will be advised to consult the concerned departments. In case students need hospitalization, they will be admitted in respective department or referred to tertiary centre as appropriate. The students will be required to make their own payment for the bed as well as the medicine & food. It is advised to have a health insurance and take vaccinations for tropical disease like typhoid, malaria, pneumonia, DPT, hepB, influenza etc .

Students are requested to bring their own stethoscope and white coat & other required things. Students must follow the rules and regulations formulated by elective programme of BPEF,CHEERS.

Students are advised to contact Nepalese Embassy or Consulates in their own country for information about the climate and travel in Nepal. 
BPEF, CHEERS websites are : 

BPEF, CHEERS does not handle for extension of visa processing.