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Having successfully accomplished its mission making Nepal self reliant in the field of training of human resources for eye health and expansion of eye care services the Foundation has now turned its attention to child development with health and education of children with sensory impairment as an entry point. For this purpose, is has successfully established a Hospital For Children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS) at Bhaktapur.

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Forwarding of Application

For applying for elective study at B. P. Eye Foundation, Hospital for Children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services in various departments, the application form should be properly filled and then submitted to the Academic and Research Head, BPEF, CHEERS at least one month prior to the start of the term.

Bank A/C details

Bank :  Laxmi Bank Pvt. Ltd  A/C No :  06211000110

Lodging & Fooding

Lodging & fooding facilities are not included in registration fee. Students will have to make their own arrangements. If requested BPEF can arrange room to stay within its hospital premises. However, the student has to pay rent of the room USD$ 50 (Fifty Dollar). It is safer to prepare food by the students themselves or alternately canteen or rehabilitation services children mess are available. The average expenditure per-day may range USD$ 30-50.


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