Another milestone achieved by B. P. Eye Foundation

We along with the help of Adarshkotwali village municipality have successfully started another center as ‘community Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation service (CEERS)’ at Adarshakotwali, Bara with its working model. Adarshakotwali is one of the least developed villages in Bara and is deprived of health and specialist care. Local community medical auxiliaries have been trained by BPEF in Eye, ENT and rehabilitative care and placed at the center. These personnel’s have also been trained in Teleophthalmology, Tele-otology, Tele – audiology through which they have a link to specialist stationed at BPEF/CHEERS at Bhaktapur, Kathmandu. Through this center, those deprived of the Specialist team from Kathmandu visit the center periodically for those who require further investigation, management and surgical care at the site. Rehabilitative care is to be provided to children with blindness, visual impairment and deaf at the center by trained rehabilitative care trainers. skills on daily living, sensory, motor, low vision training, speech therapy and many more are imparted before enrolling these children on mainstream education for inclusive education.