Opportunistic screening for obesity among hospital attendees

-Rajan Shrestha
Recognizing increasing threat presented by diabetes, hypertension and primary open angle glaucoma to public health, CHEERS has initiated a screening program for patients and their escorts visiting CHEERS.
Among 9,805 individuals above the age of 35 years who attended the screening clinic at CHEERS, 35 % individuals had raised blood pressure. Obesity based on Body Mass Index (BMI) is present in 24% and based on Weight Height Ratio (WtHR) is in 42%. Seven percent subjects had raised intraocular pressure in either eye. Nearly 12 % were found to have raised blood sugar level. The screening has helped in the early diagnosis, treatment and raising awareness about these non-communicable diseases especially on those Pre-hypertensive (42%) and Overweight (16%) people who are at greater risk and who can be helped in preventing or slowing down full-fledged diseases.

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Our story is twenty five years old. My inspiration is as new as it was then. Of the Board of Trustees, Mr Anang Man Serchan, Dr. Laxmi Narayan Prasad and Dr. Nabin Chandra Rai ...

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