In pursuit of its commitment to providing comprehensive health care, a Center at the hospital is specially dedicated to empowering children with hearing and visual impairment and preparing them to be enrolled in schools. Children as young as 3 years are trained at the ENABLING Center and prepared for enrollment in Early Childhood Development Centers for inclusive education as a part of mainstream education. This is the first time that such young children with disability are being enrolled in Early Childhood Development Centers in Nepal. Young children with disability under 6 years of age were not taken in to Early Childhood Development before this initiative of BPEF CHEERS.

Rehabilitation Kids Info

Some photographs

A blind child who has completed training at Enabling Center and enrolled in Early Childhood Development Center

A Deaf Blind child being helped by mother for meal. Training one deaf blind child takes up the resources for training 4 -8 blind children.

Blind children learning pre-Braille

A sign language teacher training parents and instructors

On 10th Graduation day after completing training at enabling center

Message from Chairman

Our story is twenty five years old. My inspiration is as new as it was then. Of the Board of Trustees, Mr Anang Man Serchan, Dr. Laxmi Narayan Prasad and Dr. Nabin Chandra Rai ...

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