In House services

CHEERS started providing service to general population from 3rd December 2012 to coincide with the International day of Persons with Disabilities. Its patient centered services, child and disabled friendly as well as neat and clean environment have made CHEERS a popular destination for Eye and ENT patients. The Hospital now has patients coming from 73 districts seeking quality Eye and ENT services. 

1. Health Promotion
Hospital based service at CHEERS starts with health promotion and disease prevention. Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar and Intra Ocular Pressure are measured in all patients and their escorts 35 years and older free of cost for early detection of cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Glaucoma. This value-added service also helps to raise awareness about major non-communicable diseases and for initiating appropriate interventions. People visiting CHEERS get information about different Eye, ENT diseases and their prevention in Health Promotion room. This year nearly 10,000 people acquired health literacy for disease prevention. Free Immunization service is provided every week in collaboration with Bhaktapur District Public Health Office. This year, 620 children received immunization against 11 vaccine preventable diseases

2. Clinical Services 
Since inception it has provided services to over 163,000 patients till the end of 2016 at the base hospital for different pathology. CHEERS  have most advanced diagnostic and treatments facilities in eye and ear care.

2.1. Eye Health Services
   2.1.1. General Eye Health Services
   2.1.2. Sub Speciality Eye Health Services
       i. Cataract 
       ii. Glaucoma
      iii. Oculoplastic
      iv. Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
       v. Vitreo Retina

2.2 ENT Health Services

3. Surgical Services
3.1 Eye Surgery
     i. Cataract surgery -
         i.i  Small Incision Sutureless Cataract Surgery
         i.ii Phaco emulsification cataract surgery
         i.iii Secondary IOL Implantation
      ii. Glaucoma Surgery
      iii. Oculoplastic Surgery
      iv. Strabismus surgery
       v. Vitreo Retinal Surgery

3.2 Ear Nose Throat Surgery

4. Pediatric Health Services
5. General Health Services
6. Laboratory
7. Physiotherapy
8. Optical
9. Pharmacy


Message from Chairman

Our story is twenty five years old. My inspiration is as new as it was then. Of the Board of Trustees, Mr Anang Man Serchan, Dr. Laxmi Narayan Prasad and Dr. Nabin Chandra Rai ...

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