Education of BVI Children

The foundation provides two types of support in the education of Blind and Vision Impaired Children of Nepal.

  1. Assisting blind children currently enrolled in schools

    A team of education and eye care experts visit integrated schools for the education of blind and vision impaired children located in different parts of the country to assess their vision status and educational environment. On the spot medical assistance is provided. Those requiring specialized medical and/ or surgical intervention are referred to the nearest eye centers for providing needed care.

  2. Bringing in out -of -school BVI children to mainstream schools through Dedicated Children’s Eye Camps and other follow up actions

    More than 90 percent of BVI children who should either have had their sight restored or be enrolled in schools are still out side the health and school education system. Dedicated children eye camps, Training Female Community Heath volunteers, Education Volunteers as key informants in addition to the sub-health post and health post staff, establishment of vision clubs in schools are among some strategies being planned to remedy this situation.

    Dedicated children eye camps will help children who have eye problems but have difficulty accessing static services. They will also help in identifying Blind and Vision impaired children who could then be either provided medical aid or be enrolled in to schools later. Well-managed awareness and education programs will be run through out the course of the camps which will sensitize the population to the need for eye care of children. These combined strategies will help bringing in out- of -School BVI children to schools.

    Additionally, FCHV/Education volunteers trained during the camp will continue to identify children who could not attend eye camp and also identify those who become blind afterwards. Vision clubs will be set up at neighboring schools which will screen school children continuously and also scout for BVI children in the neighborhood. Ministry of education has recently started pre-primary schools and has requested the Foundation to bring more children in to the preschools. Sensitized local health and education officials and community leaders will help children in accessing health and education services in an ongoing basis and also help in updating national database for Blind and Vision Impaired children.

Message from Chairman

Our story is twenty five years old. My inspiration is as new as it was then. Of the Board of Trustees, Mr Anang Man Serchan, Dr. Laxmi Narayan Prasad and Dr. Nabin Chandra Rai ...

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