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Current Projects
1. Nepal Vision Project II There are an estimated 30,240 school aged blind (EFAVI Database Workshop, 2009) and 120,000 low vision (annual report BPEF, 2009) children in Nepal. Of them, onlyabout 5,000 are enrolled in schools (EFAVI Brochure 2009), the remaining are deprived not only of sight but also opportunities for education. Although many of the out-of-school c
About Us
  B.P. Eye Foundation (BPEF) is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 1991 with the objective of improving the ey
Recent News
Children's Hospital for EYE ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS) invites application from eligible applicants for the post of audiologist by 12th Shrawan 2071 (28th July 2014). Application along with the complete CV should be submitted in Hospital for further detail contact us in 6631705
Result of ENT Surgeon,Medical Officer and Optometrist
Sealed Tender Notice on Medical Equipment & Sealed quotation notice on Hospital Furniture ,Genetral Furniture,Office Equipments,Surgical instrument for Eye and ENT published on Kantipur National daily newspaper on 2071 Aashad 2